Kids love to draw….nurture their creative spirit. Give them common notebook paper and some paint. When finished instantly frame it. What a boost to their self esteem!

Child Artwork Frame – Lil DaVinciLi'l DaVinci-frames Artwork Display Cabinet Frames & Stores Up to 50 Masterpieces.
This handy art cabinet showcases & holds up to 50 pages of art

Front-opening picture frame stores up to 50 pieces of art.Li'l DaVinci-Art
The A4 sized cabinet has a nifty latched and hinged glass front door and spring-loaded inner, to quickly and professionally frame up to 50 paintings, drawings and certificates.

It easily transforms your child’s treasured art into masterpieces; boosting their self-esteem and artistic talent. So not only is their drawing proudly on display, you can also change the picture, and have useful storage facility too.

Made from a quality finished frame, available in black or white, the cabinet can be positioned landscape or portrait, and includes a useful stand for displaying on a worktop or shelf, and wall mounting fittings.