A Dynamic Way to Frame

Many artists are never quite satisfied with their work. If you want to add, alter or tweek your creations, we have the perfect frame for you.

Tastefully showcase your children’s masterpieces with the Li’l DaVinci Store & Display Art Cabinet.

A new Frame Concept

A discreet hinge allows you to open the front of the frame and easily swap out pictures or artwork. The spring-loaded corners make it possible to hold 1 to 50 pages so you can archive all of your children’s creativity. Each frame is made from wood with a black matte finish. The frame can be latched closed to prevent unwanted tampering.

Dynamic Frames

Dynamic Art Frames

Reduce refrigerator clutter, encourage your child’s artistic talent, and transform their art into framed masterpieces. Both sizes can be hung vertically or horizontally (mounting hardware is included).

Framing Balgowlah